James Ryan Hanno'a
Vital statistics
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 620 AW
Rank: Commander
Spouse(s): Jaden Ruth Jaina Whitestar Skyhawk
Children: Fell James Skyhawk
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): GFAW, Phoenix War
Affiliations: GFAW, Tech Knights

James Ryan Hanno'a was the adopted son of Fellipe Luke Skyhawk. He married Jaden Whitestar and was the father of Fell James Skyhawk. He died in 620 on the planet Cali completing the same mission his father-in-law, Timothy Whitestar, died starting.


James Ryan Hanno'a was kidnapped in his childhood by Omega where he was trained as a commander in their child army camps. However while he excelled at every challenge, in his heart he plotted and waited for a chance of rescue for both himself and those under his command. When Jaden Whitestar entered the camp he saw a way to protect and perhaps save the other children with him. He secretly helped her rebel against the head of the camp. During this time the two developed feelings for each other.

After the Advanced Technology Police rescued the camp, he was taken as a hostage and brought to another planet. Jaden Whitestar searched endlessly for James until she found him. After finding him he trained under Fell Skyhawk, who was also training Jaden, to become a Tech Knight. He also joined with Fell's plan to start a Tech Knight Commando division. He then served under Jaden, the Commander of the first squad.

Before James and Jaden were old enough to marry, James' parents died. GFAW Child Services located the front-line fighting team to take James to an orphanage. To protect him from being separated from Jaden, Fell Skyhawk adopted James as his son.

After being knighted and marriage, James and Jaden proceeded to fight the Gren Phoenix Dominion side by side. However in 620 AW, finishing a mission Jaden's father Timothy started on Cali, James died. He left behind a pregnant wife, who gave birth to Fell James Skyhawk.

After his death a statue was erected by people on the planet he had helped liberate, though they did not know his name. It stood through several occupations and wars, but was eventually lost to time.