Atalia: Advice is a short story written by Fell Skyhawk, published in the work "Atalia: Stories of a Galaxy- Love".


The story starts on a bench on New Earth with Kara Parker waiting for Jace Tevono to show. When Tevono shows up they get pizza at Uncle Ray Lee's Pizzeria where Parker shares her concerns that she should not be a Tech Knight. The reason being that her boyfriend, Curt Oakley is going into the Advanced Technology Police Force and she does not think the relationship will hold with them going to such different areas.

Tevono asks several questions until Parker admits that she has not discussed her fears or plans with Oakley. She leaves abruptly, leaving most of her meal behind.

From the booth behind Tevono, Kali Akara announces herself and comes to finish Parker's food. She questions Tevono about his reasons for what he asked Parker and called him out for his love for her. After an explanation they left to find Kara.

Kara had used the moving sidewalks to reach Oakley's house while Tevono and Akara finished on their end and left the Pizzeria. She finds Oakley hard at work and realizes that she has never heard him say to her that he loves her. So Parker put force a probing inquiry to test Oakley. She asked him if he loved her and he hesitated and refused to answer the question. She looked back in her enhanced memory and found no mention of his love for her directly. Oakley attempts to restrain Parker right as Tevono and Akara arrive. They back Parker as best they can and scare Oakley aways=,,



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